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"On her CD, the soprano Edith Kretzinger, who was born in Transylvania as the descendant of German immigrants and initially grew up speaking Hungarian, presents songs in the popular style, which were collected as folksongs by composers of the 19th and early 20th centuries and arranged into art songs in German and Hungarian. You can hear 8 songs (some of them from the German Folksongs) by Brahms, four Songs in the Popular Style by Dvo?ák, Bartók's Eight Hungarian Folksongs and 7 songs published by Zoltán Kodály in several collections under the title of Hungarian Folk Music." Gramola

Lieder im Volkston (CD)

Artikelnummer: LIVGR2011
20,00 €Preis
  • Lieder im Volkston
    Brahms / Dvorák / Bartók / Kodály
    Esther Kretzinger / Andrej Hovrin


    1 CD

    Label: Gramola Vienna

    Release Date: 15.04.2011

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