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"After attracting attention with her clear soprano voice in the classical and opera genre, German singer Esther Kretzinger discovers new paths with her second album Sound of a Poem. Together with a small jazz ensemble of international reputation, she sheds a new light on a special selection of Romantic and Impressionistic songs by Claude Debussy, Joseph Marx and Othmar Schoeck. With the Swiss violinist Georges-Emmanuel Schneider, New York's vibraphone player Tim Collins, renowned bassist Wayne Darling and Austrian drummer Gerald Endstrasser, Esther Kretzinger works out the essence of these songs in the language of jazz, showing that the difference between Impressionist music and jazz often lies more in externals such as sound colour, articulation and instrumentation rather than in its artistic core." Gramola

Sound of a Poem (Vinyl LP Record)

Artikelnummer: SOAPGR2018
27,00 €Preis
  • Sound of a Poem Vinyl LP Record 
    Marx / Debussy / Schoeck / Endstrasser
    Kretzinger / Collins / Darling / Endstrasser / Schneider

    1 Vinyl LP Record 

    Label: Gramola Vienna

    Release: 26.01.2018

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