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REER Project

Music Duo based in Berlin, Germany

REER Project was created with the intention to analyze artistic traditions, identify rules and patterns, question them, create new music without strings attached, move forward and explore boundaries. 

REER Project is a music duo founded in Berlin in 2021 by Esther Kretzinger and Georges-E. Schneider. Both musicians have their musical background in the classical music and pursued their individual careers as solo and chamber musicians for years after they had graduated from the renowned Mozarteum University Salzburg. During this period they have been working together numerous times and got intensely in touch with contemporary and avant-garde music, visual arts, electronic music, fashion and different creative trends. Esther and Georges launched numerous projects together over the past years, REER Project being the latest one in the row. Since 2020 they run their own music production company “Kulturhaltestelle” in Berlin. 


REER Project creates its music using voice, violin and computer as main instruments, adding different sound sources, samples, computer rhythms and analog effects to create a unique up-to-date sound experience.

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