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Sound of a Poem

Vinyl LP Record, Gramola Vienna

Limited Edition (Colored Vinyl LP Record & Art Brochure)

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Cover Photo:

Hannelore Kirchner

Cover Photo Edit: Stéphanie Milke

Graphic Design & Photos (Art Brochure): 

Heinz Wild

Special thanks to Heinz Wild who managed to meet my vision of a limited edition booklet and translate it into this elegant art brochure.


"I did a booklet containing all the song texts. Typeset in an unpretentious, relaxed and easy to read way, complemented by minimalistic imagery and on a nice, haptic material. This is all physical, as the vinyl record is, as the turnable and the speakers are - and, in a way, as sound waves are. This one is created for a moment of joy, thinking, contemplating while entering into a world beyond daily routine and silly noise."


Heinz Wild 

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